The Process


Using movement, breath, sound and stillness, learn how to listen to your body and access its innate wisdom. 

Release toxic shame and guilt.

Embrace your sensuality.

Express your authentic self.

* * *

The body is a magnificent tool for healing. But we must learn how to use the tool that’s available to us. Most of us have become so disconnected from the neck down that we have lost touch with this innate source of love and wisdom.

But how do we begin to reconnect ourselves? To feel our Wholeness again? To release stored trauma?  To become aware of what “triggers” us so that we can live fully in the present moment?

This is the “work” that we will be doing together.

The first step is creating a sense of safety within our bodies. It then becomes safe to feel. Safe to express. Safe to be your authentic self.

This allows us to begin feeling and releasing stagnant energy, allowing it move freely within us to restore health and vitality. The more we release what does not serve, the more we can expand into the truth of who we are. We reclaim our power. We feel our heart open. And we begin to express our truth to the world.

The tools that may came out of my “toolbox” during our session together include:


We learn how to let the body move us, so that the movement comes from within, instead of being forced. While it’s not a dance class, we may be “groov’n it and shak’n it” a bit.


Our breath is our life force. When the soul experiences trauma, it begins to restrict its breath, affecting the lungs and diaphragm. We learn how to expand our life force through simple techniques. Using our breath intentionally, we can move blocked energy.


It’s in the silence that we hear our Soul speak to us. Let us be silent, and let us hear.


Sound has been used for centuries as a powerful tool of healing. It bypasses the conscious mind and goes directly into the body. This may include toning, words, music, Light Language, and even laughter.


We will access higher codes of frequency and light that can assist in our healing and expansion.

* * *

By being in a state of Presence, I act as a conduit of Divine Energies that move through me for the purpose of healing. We will activate and open the Heart.

The Process is guided by where you are on your path, in each moment. There is no outline. The only structure is when and where we meet. And even that can change!

We will flow with the Divine Process, accepting what IS.

We may uncover hidden wounds. Emotions that we stuffed down long ago, allowing them to fester within the body and create stagnancy.

As we begin connecting once again with those emotions, we need not know the story behind them. We don’t need to know “why” we feel that way, or what caused the emotion. If the reason comes to our mind effortlessly, then we can use it to gain further insight. Otherwise, we simply let the feeling be, as it IS, without any mental examination.

It’s not necessary to explain or rationalize the feeling with the mind.

But it is important to BE with the feeling.

To Acknowledge It.

To Accept It.

To Feel It.

To Let it Move Through You.

This is how to we apply Love to heal the wound.

We will center into ourselves and develop intimacy with the self by asking questions, by listening deeply, and by loving what arises.

I am not the healer – you are the healer. My purpose is to help you activate the innate healing capacities which lay within you. To guide you based on my own personal experience and knowledge through the healing process, and to intuitively assist your own opening and awakening.

Your connection to God/Source is within you. Found in the depths of your Heart and body. Not “out there somewhere.” Come into your own Knowing.

Be Who You Are.


© 2017 Jessica Fasquel. All Rights Reserved.