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The Magdalene Series

mary magdalene

By experiencing the teachings of Mary Magdalene in your own Heart & Body, you will learn how to:

* Honor Your Body Temple

* Speak Your Truth & Assert Your Boundaries

* Trust in Self

* Accept All Parts of You

Together, we will enter the Feminine Mysteries to reveal our Sacred Truth.

Series of 6 Classes, 2 hours each

Currently teaching to private groups limited to six participants; please contact me if you are interested in starting your own sacred ceremony!


* * *

 Let us be like the Tree.

Ground our roots deep into the Earth.

Spread our branches high into the Sky.

Center ourselves into our Hearts.

Our body is made of the Earth.

Let us not deny Her anymore.

Let us recreate a sense of safety and belonging in our bodies.

Let us go within, and see what is there.

Let us move our bodies in joy.

Let us laugh and play.

Let us listen to our inner knowing.

Let us live by our own rules.

Let us feel our Hearts open.

Let us reclaim our power.

Let us express our truth.

Let us experience life to the fullest.

Let us nourish ourselves,

Honor ourselves,

And love ourselves.

Let us be Free.

But how do we do this?

Not knowing “how” is what stops most of us from even beginning.

We need not know “how.” But we need make the choice to begin.

My offering is to help guide you through this Process of Becoming Who You Really Are. By being present with you in each moment during our session. By allowing God/Source to work through me. By assisting you in discovering your own body, your own emotions, and your own truth.

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