How to Begin

Is your mind overactive?

Do your emotions seem overwhelming?

Do you feel disconnected from the throat down?


To be fully present in the moment,

we must be fully present in our body.

In order to heal, to re-connect, we need Time, Space & Support. We must feel that it is Safe to open. There are layers upon layers to uncover, like a rose, as we expand into our full essence.

Please read about The Process that we’ll be undertaking together. I offer individual and group sessions, as well as workshops. Small groups are limited to 5 participants.

I ask that you make a commitment to your own healing. That you set aside the time necessary to do so. That you intend to open, to connect and to feel. And that you be willing to undergo the process fully.

When we say “Yes” and invite the process to begin, the rest takes care of itself.

An individual session is available on a sliding-scale basis of $65 – $90 for one hour. However, please note that the first session is a flat fee of $90 and will last an hour and a half.  This will give us time to have a more in-depth conversation before we begin the body work.  Packages for multiple sessions are available if purchased in advance.

With an individual session, you receive my total attention, and the energy that flows forth is directly for your benefit.

When we work in groups, the energies of each participant work together and build off each other. We engage in more verbal expression of our experiences, which is a great practice for those of us who have stayed silent for too long.

Each group session will last one and a half hours, and requires an offering of $20 a person. We will meet once a week with the same group members for a minimum of four weeks.  Please contact me directly for information on group meeting times and location.

I ask you to keep a daily journal of feelings that arise during the process, and to track your body awareness.

We will go deeper into the process each time we work together. The ultimate goal, however, is for you to learn and become comfortable with your own body so that you can begin to communicate with it directly.

You will be able to access your own inner knowing from deep within your own heart.

You will be your own master.


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