Love Thyself

Self-Love is our key to Liberation.

Despite what we’ve been told for millennia by institutions that have tried to control us and instill fear, the only way to our freedom is to unconditionally love and accept ourselves AS WE ARE.

Because we know that God/Source resides WITHIN us. Because we know that we are Infinitely Powerful Beings, and this Power resides in our Hearts.

Self-love is allowing yourself to be as you are, and accepting all parts of you, because there are no conditions to love.

This necessitates having loving boundaries, so that others do not consume you. For you are sovereign, and your worth depends on nothing external to you.

Self-love is a state of Be-ing. Being who you are, without taking on a role. Without meeting expectations. Without identifying the self by what you do, or your accomplishments, or your success. It’s knowing that you are enough. Only your inner reality matters.

Self-love is living by and expressing your inner truth.

Self-love is taking time with yourself, to listen deeply, and to feel what you feel.

Self-love is discovering the Beauty that IS you.

Self-Love is appreciating the totality of your being. Awareness of your own Divine Presence. Realizing your unlimited nature.

Self-love is Expansive.

Self-Love is Joy.



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