The Art of Feeling

Emotions connect us to our Soul.

They connect us to our Heart.

They connect us to our Innate Wisdom.

There is nothing bad about them . . .

Unless we deny them (and therefore deny ourselves);

Unless we refuse to express them (and therefore refuse ourselves);

Unless we lose control to them (and therefore lose sight of ourselves).


We’ve been afraid of our emotions. Told not to feel. But the Heart is what feels. When we close off our ability to feel, we also close off our Heart.

We must feel profoundly to know God . . .

Because we are compassionate.

Because we are joyful.

Because we are grieving.

Because we are loving.

Because we are humbled.

Or simply because we know how good it feels to feel.

Our Hearts open wide, and we become expansive.

We often cannot describe our emotions, for they must be felt to be experienced. They connect us with All of Life. Feeling enables the Heart to expand into True Joy, through the presence of being with what IS.

There’s even a scientific explanation for this:

The part of the brain that feels deep grief is the same part of the brain that feels great joy. The more grief we feel, the more joy we feel. The more we limit our grief, the more we limit our joy.

We have been told not to feel, or only to feel in a limited fashion. To be “polite” with our feelings. To keep them small, or unexpressed entirely.

When do emotions become dangerous?

When they’re not felt, but rather thrown onto others through a form of projection.

When they’re denied and left to fester, creating resentment and bitterness.

When they’re used to cast blame on another.

When they’re not seen with awareness, and all control is lost.

When they’re not expressed and remain lodged within us, creating a barrier.

When we cannot express our feelings in a healthy way, we often act out in harmful ways, giving emotions power over us.

When we deny an emotion, we deny what IS. It’s there, like it or not.

So let’s see it and BE with it. Doing so allows the emotion to flow through us, rather than remaining within our bodies.

Emotions are Energy.


Energy in Motion.


They arise from the depths of our Heart to be felt. To be seen and acknowledged. To open us to the life that is before us.

There’s much talk about emotions such as anger being “bad” or “negative.” When used in one of the ways described above, it is dangerous. However, the feeling in and of itself is not bad.

Anger shows us our boundaries, when we’re abused, violated, mistreated, ignored, taken advantage of.

The anger arises when our Heart has been wounded.

It is showing us our capacity to love . . .

And what it feels like when there is no love.

It hurts. It’s painful. It feels wretched.

What a beautiful thing for a Soul to learn. So that the Soul can continue choosing Love. So that the Soul can go back to its God/Source for love and nourishment in the only true place to find it: Within.

Anger, as an E-Motion, is energy in motion.

Energy cannot be destroyed. But it can be transformed.

Let’s transform the wound, the pain, into Love.

We do this by witnessing and feeling the pain – by seeing the wound – and applying love as the ointment that heals.

Let us Heal our Hearts.


© 2017 Jessica Fasquel. All Rights Reserved.